Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow and Cedric

Well, woke up this morning to find SNOW!!! Yippee! (such a big kid). So, I got dressed, and went out to feed the birds and I had the sudden urge to build a snowman. I would like to introduce you to Cedric (I name everything). I think he looks a happy chappy. I must admit it was great fun, I haven't built a snowman in years.

The good thing about going out and messing around in the snow, is coming in to a hot cuppa and a blazing fire. Perfect. Everyone gets so surprised when the weather is bad in February, but it is still the middle of winter.

Talking of February, St Valentine's Day will soon be upon us. I'm not really into the whole mushy stuff, so when Crafts Beautiful asked me to do a Valentine set of cards, I was up for the challenge. This is a pic of the project from the February 2012 issue. Actually, I really enjoyed doing these and I love the hearts, wings and crown theme.

Here is a sneaky peek of one of the projects I've done for the March 2012 issue. For more crafting ideas visit Crafts Beautiful. The magazine is packed with fabulous projects of all kinds of crafting, not just card making. There is a wonderful quilling project by a friend, Claire Willis, a very talented young lady. To see my other project and Claire's quilling, you'll have to buy the mag, out now!

I'm off now to get on with another commission (Bazoo has just come into my craft room and massacred one of her many stuffed mice - they all get a turn eventually, last night we massacred, in order, grey mouse, ball, white mouse, ball of wool and back to grey mouse. Grey mouse gets most of her wrath). It's quite hard to concentrate when the cat is in torture mode, at least she isn't interested in the real thing.

Enjoy the snow, watch your step and don't slip! Will post again soon, Colette xx