Thursday, 8 March 2012

Phew! What a month!!!

Hello Peeps!

What a month it's been. In amongst commissions for Crafts Beautiful, we've had all new radiators, new boiler and central heating system put in and we're trying to do up two of the bathrooms. Madness, utter madness...

Why do we put ourselves through it? Probably because we've been here nearly two and a half years now, the central heating needed doing and the bathrooms were crap ('scuse the pun, it's the only way I can describe them). Plus, we couldn't do one room with out the other due to the way the plumbing is. There's all new plumbing to be done, stud walls to build, plastering, tiling, painting, new flooring the list and expenses go on and on and on.The house is constantly dusty, with trails going in and out of each room. I'm sooooo itching to have a spring clean!

Despite all this, I am quite enjoying it really. We don't plan to move again, so we feel it's more for 'us' in this house. I've put getting my chickens on hold until next year now, and the canoe (another story).

Anyway, here's a sneaky peek of my projects in this month's issue of the magazine. Sorry about the quality of the pictures, the scanner decided to throw a wobbly (probably fed up with being covered in a perpetual blanket of dust).


For more crafting ideas visit Crafts Beautifulor buy the magazine, there are loads of fab ideas and inspiration for Easter projects, with loads of hints, tips and articles, April 2012 issue out now.

I'm going to go now, I've got some filling and sanding to do (I feel more dust coming on), hopefully I'll get chance over the next couple of days to take a couple of piccies of recent cards I incredibly found the time to conjure up. Bye for now! xx


  1. Fabulous projects Colette and good luck with the renovations :)

  2. Thanks Dawn, glad you like. Going to pop into your blog in a mo and have a peek :)

  3. Colette, Just wanted you to know that your cheerful blog and the wonderful way you introduced yourself to me at Samuel Taylors, Embsay has inspired me to leave you a little something on my blog, pop over and collect it...When you have time:) x

  4. Great way to chose a blog title!! Mine could be changed to.....
    Loopy Yarns!!
    Have a crafty week!!


  5. Great projects! And please have a look at my blog. There is something for you.

    Take care, Heike xx

  6. Lovely Colette, I was very proud to have a little piece of my work in Crafts Beautiful Magazine, :)

    I know it's not much but it makes you feel very good. x


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