Thursday, 2 May 2013

April Blog Candy Winners!

Good heevnin my fab peeps! 
I apologise in keeping you all in suspense in announcing the winners, but I've been busy with another commission for the wonderful PaperCrafter magazine. 
Anyway, without further ado-doo here is the list and the snapshots of the winners. Ta da da da da da dah!! 

The winners are -
1st - Luckydawn
2nd - Roudi
3rd - La Vikinga
1 - Roudi
2 - Luckydawn
3 - Sonya
4 - Elly
5 - Jayvalikki
6 - UT
7 - Berina
8 - Neha
9 - Ardilla
10 - Leanne
11 - Vithya
12 - Catherine
13 - La Vikinga
14 - Chiara
15 - Rajlakshmi
16 - Sindhu
17 - Anuradha
18 - Glo
19 - Bhawana
20 - Priyakumar
21 - Paperkate
Congratulations! If you all email me your address, I will get the goodies posted to you as soon as possible.
A big thank you to all those who entered, but don't be too disappointed. I plan to do giveaways every month and I will post the details of the May Blog Candy on Saturday, so you will get another chance to win more goodies. Watch this space...
See you on Saturday xxxx

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  1. wowww I am so glad to be one of the winners. Will email you my address. Just to be sure your email is - correct?

    1. Hi Rajlakshmi,

      I'm sorry, I think you've got a bit confused. I allocate everyone a number in list order, so I can use a number generator to pick the winner(s). You were allocated number 15 - but the three winning numbers are 1,2, and 13.

      I will be posting giveaways every month, so keep entering for more chances to win.

      Colette xxx

  2. Woohoo! You made my day Colette! Thank you so much. Love your blog and candy. I'll e-mail you with my details in a bit.
    Have a great day! xx

  3. Woohoo! Thanks for the Blog Candy Colette :) I am amazed as I never win at anything (Big Beaming Grin)I'll email my details now, what a fabulous Bank Holiday weekend :)
    Dawn x

  4. Hi; I'm La Vikinga, number 13! So I was one of the lucky winners!!!!!

    La Vikinga / Charlotta


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