Tuesday, 1 October 2013

September Candy Winner!

Morning peeps!
It's candy winner time again. Where are the months going? So here I am, eager to give you the winner of the September candy. Wow! A lot of you entered this month... thank you :o)
I gave each of you a number and then picked the winner through Random.Org. Below is the list of entries and a snapshot of the winning number picked...

1 Glo
2 Ardilla
3 Tanya
4 Elly
5 Sindhu
6 Iris
7 Nikki
8 Heaney
9 Fit Kitty
10 Suman
11 Dr Sonia
12 Divya
13 Hridya
14 Ainac
15 Paperkate
16 Catherine
17 Raluca
18 Jaya
19 Kivanmayee
20 Sidelle
21 Natka
22 Karen
23 Beth
24 Ayushi
25 Nicole
26 Eemeli
27 Lija
28 Jasleen

...and the winning number picked is #16 - Catherine! Congratulations! Email me your address Catherine and I'll send your goodies to you. 
For those of you not so lucky this time, I will be back soon with another candy for October. Please feel free to enter again, you may be the next lucky winner.
Okay, I shall sign off for now. Thanks for stopping by. xxx

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  1. Oh Finally, Colette.... I have been a part of your candy for quiet sometime now.... And am so happy winning this Christmas themed collection. Thank you so much for picking me the winner.... September is my Birthday month and u have made it special.... Will soon send u my address....


  2. Congrats to the winner. Where did my name go though?

    1. Hi Lucretia,

      When I went to publish the first lot of comments, I hit delete instead of publish.

      I did do another post listing the names I could remember and requesting that if I've left any names off, to re-comment on the candy post.

      I'm really sorry :o(

      Forgive me?



    2. Yes I know. I saw it and sent another message asking to be included. Where did it go?!

    3. Hi Lucretia,

      On looking back at the comments. Your request was posted in the Oops I Goofed post.

      So, I've sent a little something to you in the post as a way of an apology. It should be with you soon.

      Take care,

      Colette xx

    4. Oh...well we all make mistakes. You are forgiven. Thank you Colette. I'll let you know when it arrives.

  3. Congrats.. catherine..
    I missed..
    Hoping for the next candy...


  4. Thank you so much Colette. The papers, sentiment stickers and tags have arrived. Gorgeous!


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