Friday, 13 June 2014

Arrr Matey (Cricut Explore)

Good Friday afternoon my luvvies!

I spent yesterday having a fun fiddle and play with the Cricut® Explore. 

When I went to London for the launch, we were able to have a play with the Explore and make some items to take home. I chose a simple cotton bag and decided to decorate it well....with...a glittery black skull and crossbones sporting a pink moustache!

Ooh, I say!

Here is a photo of said bag...

Very effective don't you think? I used Cricut® Iron-on Glitter, black and Cricut® Iron-on Lite, Pink.

Yesterday I decide to make a card version. This is what I came up with...

As I wanted to give him a glittery moustache I thought why not use iron-on but don't iron it on?

I applied adhesive to the back of the moustache and lettering by running them through my Xyron and then used the left over piece of glitter as a template to line up the letters (yes, the spacing on 'Matey' is right). That's what crafting is about isn't it? Being inventive with your materials :o)

Top tip: When doing searches for images/words, remember to use American spellings (e.g. mustache)

What you need...

Die-cutting machine: Cricut® Explore
Images: Skull #M3E432 (Word Builders 3® An Ocean of Words - #SBF); Mustache #M3806D (Billionaire - #S12)
Lettering: Freebooter font -
Vinyl: Midnight - Cricut®
Iron-on: Glitter, Pink - Cricut®
Punch: corner rounder
Card blank: white 15cm square
Xyron 150 Create-a-Sticker 

What you do...

Open a new canvas and insert the skull image and the moustache image. Upload the font to your computer (any fonts saved to your computer will automatically be in the font section of the Design Space). Type out 'Arrr Matey' and re-size all layers as desired.

Cut the skull in black vinyl and the lettering and moustache in glitter pink iron-on. Carefully remove from the backing sheet and apply the skull to the blank. 

Peel the excess glitter iron-on from around the moustache and lettering. Run the moustache and letters through the Xyron. Adhere the moustache to the skull and the lettering underneath.

Round off the four corners to finish.

Here is a list of prices* for the images etc. 

Skull - £0.79 (Word Builders 3® An Ocean of Words image set - £11.49)
Mustache - £0.79 (Billionaire image set - £22.49)
Iron-on Glitter - £13.99
Vinyl - £5.79

Don't forget, you don't have to buy a whole image set unless you know you will get good use out of them all, you can buy images individually.

The image sets and individual images are available through the Design Space and the vinyl and iron-on are available from

So there we have it. A rather camp skull and crossbones, maybe I should have put 'Well hello sailor!' instead of 'Arrr Matey'.

I don't know who will be the lucky recipient of this fine skull and crossbones, but I'm sure they'll love him. I'm keeping the bag though.....

Just before I go I will leave you with a photo of the girls I took this morning. I had a job to get them all in the one shot as they kept sticking their beaks in the camera or they moved and I just got fluffy bums.

They are all lovely, funny and vandals. Bren particularly likes sitting on my back, she jumps up, cleans her beak, then her feet and then has a peck at my piercings. Charming! 

Okay, that me for now. Take care and enjoy the rest of your day. xx

*Prices correct as at 13/06/14.

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  1. That really is 'Camp' Colette, love it :) All the chicks look well.
    Dawn x

  2. Its Amazing Colette love the bag and coordinating card skull with glitter mustache lol...:D chicks look cute ..


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