Thursday, 25 July 2019

Paperless Post

Hello blog friends!

My post today is something a little bit different from my usual fare. 

I was approached by the Community Manager of Anagram Interactive to try products from a company called Paperless Post who specialise in online greetings. They offer designs from well known designers and life style companies such as Kate Spade New York, Oscar de la Renta and Rifle Paper Co.

I know my blog posts are usually about hand made cards but we all experience a time when we either forget someone's birthday or simply don't have the time to sit down and create. 

This is where Paperless Post comes in. You can send anything from greetings cards to flyers all of which are fully customisable. You also have the options of adding and envelope, with or without a liner, plus you can also send reply cards. The site is easy to navigate, there are hundreds of designs and combinations to choose from. 

After registering with Paperless Post you purchase 'coins' - in the UK you can buy 25 coins for £8.00 up to 1000 coins for £90.00. 

I decided to send a card to a friend just to say hello.

I chose a cute nature design called Hello Friend (Christian Robinson) by Red Cap Cards. This cost 2 coins.

After I selected my chosen card, I clicked on the customise button which tool me to the next stage. This is where I selected a backdrop. I chose Coldpress - Charterhouse a simple green backdrop to compliment the colours on the card  - 1 coin.

I then edited the text. There are several fonts to choose from and you can alter the size, format and colour. I selected Bodoni Black.

The next stage is choosing my envelope and liner. I selected an envelope in Burnt Caramel and the liner in Airy Dots - Charterhouse - envelope 1 coin - liner 1 coin.

The stamp and postmark stage is next. A free stamp is provided or you can choose a different one. I selected the Paperless Post Black Stamp and the Paperless Post Watermark. Stamp 1 coin - watermark free.

I then changed the design of the reply card. I selected a torn edged effect Papier D'armenie - 1 coin.

The last thing to do was to add the recipient and send. It is as simple as that. The total cost of the card was 7 coins. I also created a BBQ invite, which again was simple to create.

All along the way they keep you up to date on how many coins you have spent for each card. After completion of your card the total amount of coins spent will be per card sent to each recipient. My BBQ card cost 7 coins, if I had sent the invite to 5 people it would cost me a total of 35. You can add as many recipients as you like.

Mr friends who received the BBQ have already responded using the reply card.

I will definitely be using Paperless Post in the future, it will be especially handy to send cards at the last minute or for those far away in another country where you can't always guarantee that they will get a postal card. Plus it also makes sending a personal email much nicer.

The hardest thing I found about the site was which design and colour scheme to choose. Your coins will not expire, so you don't have a time limit on creating and sending your greetings.

Please pop in and check out PaperlessPost by clicking on this link You won't be disappointed. 

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