Friday, 27 April 2012

A cat, some fish and a card!

Hello Peeps!

Hope it's been a good week for you all! I've managed to get another coat of paint on the bathrooms. The main bathroom should be finished next week (praise be!). Then just the downstairs one to finish. Had enough for this year now. Don't mind doing it whilst the weathers crud.

I've started a cross stitch of a large rose stitched on linen to go in the main bathroom. It's a beautiful design, the rose looks so life like, it's got lovely juicy shades of red and deep pink in it. After every ten stitches or so, I keep asking Simon "Does it look like a rose yet?", "No" is the simple answer.

Cross stitching is another passion of mine, I've been doing it for about 20 years now (how long?????). I love intricate designs like Teresa Wentzler and Mirabilia and love working on linen or evenweave. I did a lovely Mirabilia mermaid a few years ago, called Mermaid of the Pearls, it's got over 1000 (yes, 1000) seed beads on it, loved every stitch of that project.  That's the only thing with needlework, the results are beautiful, but it takes a long time to get there. (For LuckyDawn - used to spend many hours and a lot of money @ Embsay looking at needlework charts, kits, threads fabrics.......  they knew me well - har har).

Right back to the 'ol card stuff.

Here's a card I made for Simon, no occasion, just wanted to let him know how I feel (bleughhh! soppy moment).

I used, Echo Park & My Mind's Eye papers, Sassafras "Head in the Clouds" stamps, Versacolor ink in Marigold, Versafine ink in black, yellow and aqua ribbon, black/white bakers twine and a crystal. Simple, but sweet.

Next is a peek at my latest project in Crafts Beautiful, out today!!

I really enjoyed doing these, they are so bright and cheery and definitely my style. For more crafting ideas visit Crafts Beautiful. Another brilliant issue this month, check out my friend Claire's quilled Queen and Duke to celebrate the Jubilee. Works of art indeed!!

More piccies - I went a bit mad with the camera today. Here is a pic of the Queen of the house, Bazoo, languidly laying around in the conservatory.

It's such a hard life.

You may have noticed at the bottom of my blog I have a bit of a daft thing called 'Feed the Fish'  Well, here are my other 'babies' the real fish being fed with real food, this morning. The pond is a raised one, under the living room window, as soon as they see me, they all rush to the surface, mouths open. The koi are funny because they have such big mouths you can hear them smacking their lips (do fish have lips???).

They are so funny to watch, I get mesmerised by them. In Summer, I love to sit on the wall of the pond with a glass of wine and just listen to the water and watch them. Bazoo usually comes and sits with me, the fish don't mind her at all. She does drink out of the pond, yuk, disgusting cat. Though the water is very clear. Also, the newts should be coming back soon, last year we lost count at 32.

Well, that's enough drivvle out of me, off to the Vernon tonight for a slap up and a glass of wine or three, bwah ha ha ha!! Have a good weekend. xx


  1. Gorgeous clean and simple card Colette! I also love Bazoo, she reminds me of my mum's cat! Hope u have a lovely weekend. Wedgie xxx

    1. Why thank you! Bazoo IS lovely, we got her from a rescue home about two and a half years ago. She is such a sweetie. I'm off to have a peep at your blog now. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Colette xxx

  2. A fab card. I love the ribbons. I do cross stitch too, but find it hard to get the time to put into it at the moment. Cards are quicker to do so that's what I stick to making. I'll have to get the new CB - your projects look fab!
    Nikki x

    1. Thank you! Glad you like the card. I know what you mean about cross stitch. I didn't pick any projects up for ages being so busy with other stuff. So I now try to do a bit on an evening. I have really missed doing it though, I find it so relaxing.
      Pleased you like my projects in the new CB, it's a brill issue with loads of great projects. :)

      Have a good weekend, I'll pop over to your blog and have a nosey! Colette xx

  3. Ohooo-fooie I haven't popped in for ages, thanks for your visit, glad I did, otherwise I would've missed your page in CB. Used to subscribe but one of them had to go! So now only get it when I remember to. It's a lovely bright page and you must be sooo pleased with it! Actually, hubby's just going out (braving the rain storm) so I'll tell him to look out for a copy.
    We have a visiting cat, I've named Jinksy, have no idea where he lives but he's here most days.. even wakes me up in the mornings by poking my face! (He's here now asleep in my craft room...well it is raining!
    Yes, I think they, do have lips! We had a fish once that had a hair-lip, poor thing wasn't a very good swimmer!
    Would you like me to send you this weeks freebie??
    Have a crafty Weekend

    1. Hi Lyn! Thanks for your lovely comment. I am pleased with this month's project in CB. I had great fun creating them.
      Aww, your poor fish. It's funny how you get attached to them and despite what people think, they do have characters of their own. I love my babies.
      Cat poking you in the face eh? Bazoo is not the smallest cat in the world and I get woken up by her sitting on my chest, purring into my face. When I can no longer breathe, she knows I'll wake up and take great gasps of air, hence mission accomplished.
      Thank you, I'd love to receive this weeks freebie :)

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Colette xx

    2. Colette, I just love the simplicity of the card you have made here and how sweet to make it just to let Simon know how you feel :)
      Bazoo is beautiful and definitely looks regal!
      I laughed when I read the comment about the time you spent at Embsay :) it's easy to do isn't it! You must have some patience to be able to cross stitch and especially when it involves 1000 seed beads! Hats of to you Colette :)
      Dawn xx

  4. Thanks Dawn, glad you like the card. When I used to go to Embsay I would:
    - browse
    - put stuff in my basket
    - browse
    - put more stuff in my basket
    - browse
    - have lunch
    - browse a bit more
    - put stuff in my basket
    - sit looking through charts
    - browse
    - cup of tea and a slice of cake
    - put yet more stuff in my basket
    - browse
    - decide I REALLY need that chart
    - pay
    - go home
    - sit oogling over my new goodies

    Sad or what?????


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