Friday, 20 April 2012

It's been a while!!

Well hello!

I know, I know, it's been a while since my last post. Still on with the renovations of the bathrooms, nearly there, just painting and tiling left to do. At least the messy plastering is done. After living with layers of dust for the last 3 months, I've finally managed to have a spring clean this week. Waaayyy! So in honour of this great achievement here is a few piccies of my sparkly, shiny, dust free craft room.

I love my room. Bright, colourful and a bit kitch. It overlooks the back garden (which is nice and secluded) with a lovely big Tulip Tree. I get the sun most of the day and it's wonderful seeing everything coming to life. My room's not usually as tidy as this, no matter how hard I try to keep everything neat and my work desks tidy, I end up with mountains of stuff piled up and then can't find anything. Now it's all fresh and plaster dust free, I'll try to keep it that way. (Yeah, right).

In amongst all work going on in the house, I've been very busy with commissions for Crafts Beautiful, so I've not had much time to make personal cards. Here is a peek of my projects in the May issue of CB, which is out now. The cut out and keep is centered around stitching on cards and the 7 ways with... is very fruity! Oo-er!

Crafts Beautiful has had a mini makeover and the new look and layout is just fab. Projects really jump out of the page at you, and I love the mix of fonts used in the headings and introductions. Well done CB! The magazine theis full of yummy projects, hints, tips, ideas, articles and giveaways. For more crafting ideas visit Crafts Beautiful. Check out the forum too, it's full of lovely crafters and a great place to swap ideas or just have a natter.

Hopefully, I should be able to get a few personal cards done now. So as soon as I've created a few, I'll post them up.

Hope you all have a fab weekend, happy crafting peeps! xx


  1. oh what a fab Crafting space you have, Ive got a cool space too but nothing like yours :) looking at mine it needs a tidy up ha-ha enjoy your new space.

    1. Thank you so much! It won't stay tidy for long! This is really sad, but I love having a good tidy up and sort through my room. You tend to come across things you forgot you had. :O x

  2. Wow, amazing craft space Colette! Love it. Will look forward to the new copy of CB to see the latest articles and projects.
    Hope you are well
    Dawn x

  3. Hi Dawn! Hope you are well too! So glad you like my space. I keep popping onto your blog, seems like they're keeping you busy at Embsay! Full of cold at the mo, thanks to my wonderful generous hubby, Simon. I'd rather him share his bar of chocolate ;) One has to battle through though (cough, sneeze, splutter - rounds of sympathy needed now - oh sorry, I DON'T have man flu - har dee har). Colette xx

  4. Your space is gorgeous and scrummy, makes me super jealous. I will have to do a little something, regarding my craft space. I unfortunately live in a teeny tiny one bedroom flat, but I am proud to say I make use of every corner and I love my little home. I adore CB, I can't say I'm a card crafter but I have plenty of supplies that are just waiting to be used, so please inspire me to use them xxx

    1. Thanks Jennifer Lou, glad you like my space. The photo doesn't show it, as you look at the window, on the right the wall is full of fitted cupboards, filled with more stuff.
      I keep racks with all my 12 x 12 papers in there (so they don't get sun bleached). For inspiration, I sometimes just sit and look at my stash, (very sad, I know)then an idea or theme usually pops in there!
      Why not have a go a making some mini cards just to say hello? May be with bright clashing colours and retro images??
      Go on... With all that inspiration you use in choosing your fabrics and clothes (utterly fabulous) I bet you can transfer it to a card ;)

      Colette xxx


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