Wednesday, 1 August 2012

My Niece Emily & Crafts Beautiful September 2012

Aft'noon Peeps!

Well, it's been a tiring but fun filled couple of weeks. My nine year old niece Emily came to stay with us on the 21st July. I'm taking her back home to Yorkshire this coming Friday. I wonder if I will have six hours of non stop blabbing, singing and alphabet games on the way like last year?

Emily isn't here at the moment, Simon has taken her to Bewilderwood for the day, it's only at Hoveton (nr Wroxham) so they didn't have to set off early. Not sure what time they will be back or what state of collapse Simon will be in.

We've had a couple of days crafting, and yesterday she made a head band. I showed her how to make gathered fabric flowers, she picked fabrics centred around pinks and lilacs and away she went. I promised her I would post it on my blog for all to see.

I think she has done a magnificent job. She is going to show my sister Yvonne how to make the flowers.

Emily is also obsessed with our spa bath. Well, more like obsessed with creating mountains of bubbles. Anyway, the other night she decided to do an 'Afro look', here are a couple of head shots.

Very 'cool', Emily!! She also did and Elvis 'quiff', which was hilarious and happened to be my favourite, the Afro is funny though.

On another note, have you seen the September issue of Crafts Beautiful? Here is a peek at my new home cards in this issue.

I just loved creating these. The Dwelling stamp set by Claudine Hellmuth is a particular favourite of mine. They are so versatile, you could actually create a snowy house scene for Christmas cards.

The September is packed, as always with fantastic projects, hints and tips. For more crafting ideas visit Crafts Beautiful. Along with downloadable templates for all projects, including the house shaped card, bird house and sun and cloud motifs used in my feature.

I've got another couple of cards to show you, but I'll pop them on my next post (hopefully next week - after a few days 'rest').

Take care all and thanks for popping by!

Colette xx 


  1. Wow Emily! Your head band is amazing! I hope you will wear it when you come to see me at Embsay, I won't be there for a while though as jut getting over my operation but it will be lovely to see you when I get back to work. I love the pics of your Elvis Quiff too! Sounds as though you are having a fabulous time with your Auntie Colette.

    Colette I love your creations too :) Will look forward to seeing them in my copy of CB.

    Hugs to you both
    Dawn xxx

    1. Thanks Dawn! We had a great time and had a couple of days crafting and making things. We are lucky in North Norfolk to have so many things to do and places to see, especially since we are only 5 mins from the beach!

      Hope you are soon up and about and on the mend - missed seeing you on Saturday :(

      Lots of love

      Colette xxxxx


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