Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Crafts Beautiful April 2013

Good afternoon peepsicles!

Brrr! It's a bit chilly out. Just been out to top up the bird feeders. Poor things couldn't find the ground feeders yesterday because of the snow. They were pecking about and all they got was a mouth full of cold wet stuff. Well, they are happier today :o)

Tally ho! Onto the sneaky peek of my projects in the current issue of Crafts Beautiful. I don't know whether I'm still happy with the way the magazine scans. The problem is, print from the other side of the page seems to come through. Sometimes tweaking a bit helps, but then it can make it worse. Oh well, here it is anyway....

Of course, the best way to see them and all the other gorgeous projects in this issue is to get a copy. You can even download it to your phone.

In this issue my projects centre around stencils and different techniques you can use. You don't have to buy expensive plastic stencils, you can make your own using punches and dies. I had great fun doing this set, I love the wabbits and the sheep.

For more crafting ideas visit Crafts Beautiful. You can also download my sheep digi stamp and templates from the website along with free papers and other templates from this and past issues.

I think that's enough of me for the nonce. Take care, keep warm and I'll be back soon. xxx


  1. Fabulous have your pubblications on a magazine^_^
    Have a sweet day my dearest Colette^_^

  2. Hey, Colette! Was fab meeting you yesterday and a total pleasure to meet someone this side of the pond who's thinking along the same crafty lines as me :)
    Love your magazine work - those cotton-tail rabbits are adorable!


Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it - Colette xx