Friday, 5 July 2013

Thinking of You - Cricut Mini project

Hello chums!

Hope you are all looking forward to the weekend.

It's time to show you this weeks card made using the Cricut Mini.

The cartridges I have used are Cricut Essentials and Flower Shoppe. The Cricut Essentials is digital only, whereas the Flower Shoppe is available as a digital and an actual cartridge.

Cricut Essentials
Flower Shoppe

What you need...

Die cutting machine: Cricut Mini
Digital Cartridges: Cricut Essentials, Flower Shoppe - Cricut
Card stock: shades of blue, black, white, lime
Seam binding: black

What you do...

From Flower Shoppe, choose three of the 3D flowers and cut out in shades of blue, scrunch up and roll up to assemble and cut three leaves in lime card. Select the label from Cricut Essentials, copy and paste another, re-size, making sure one is slightly smaller. Cut out in black and white card.

Create a top fold blank, tie seam binding around the lower end of the label, fix to the top of the blank and trim the excess. Arrange and stick down the leaves and flowers, finish with a rub-on sentiment in the lower right corner.

I chose the shades of blue because I thought it would really make and impact, especially with the black, white and lime. Of course, you can apply any sentiment to suit the occasion.

Id like to introduce you to the newest members of the Smith household - my girls, Bren, Babs, Dolly and Hattie.

Bren (team leader - she has decided) and Babs are Rhode Island Reds, Dolly is a Light Sussex and Hattie is a Bluebell. They are only 13/14 weeks old, so they won't start laying for a few weeks yet.

Here is a piccy of their home. We've decided to call it the Beach Hut (well, we live near the sea and now it's painted, it looks like a beach hut).

They seem to be settling in quite nicely. They need to stay in the run for 10-14 days to get used to their new surroundings, routines, home etc. Then they can free range around the garden.

So, that's me for the nonce. Have a fab weekend and I'll be back soon - I've got a few commissions to get in, but I'll try and post a 'make' or two. xxx

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  1. Love those Cricut flowers

  2. Beautiful card Colette. Flowers look great.

  3. Colette, I love those flowers on the card but I just adore your chicken 'beach hut'. I am sure Babs, Hattie, Dolly and Bren will be happy there and lay you some lovely fresh eggs :)
    Dawn x


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