Thursday, 16 April 2015


Happy evenin' peepsicles!

Here's something for you to mull over....

I've just washed Dolly's bum! 

There, isn't that what you wanted to hear? So sorry for putting that image in your head, but if I have to do it then I'd like to share it with you, I'm a very generous person. Isn't that nice of me?

For those of who don't know, Dolly is my Light Sussex chicken and Light Sussex chickens have a tendency to get mucky bums! Plus it shows with them having white feathers.

Actually it's not as bad as you think. Never did I think I would give a chicken a warm bath!

Because we are on the subject of chickens, I want to show you the card I did for Simon's birthday from 'The Girls'. 

I stamped the four chickens and coloured them in accordingly and I did the sentiment using the Cricut® Explore and Midnight Vinyl. Here is the card...

Hattie - A Bluebell
Bren - A Rhode Island Red
Dolly - A Light Sussex
Babs - A Rhode Island Red
What you need...

Stamps: Picoti Picota - Artemio
Digital font: Life's A Party cartridge - Cricut®
Cricut® Vinyl: Midnight
Card stock: white
Ink pad: Onyx Black - Versafine
Promarkers: Black, Burnt Orange, Ice Grey 1, Ice Grey 2, Pastel Yellow, Saddle Brown, Silver Lining, Slate, Storm Cloud

What you do...

Stamp the four chickens on to white card stock, colour in and mat onto an A6 landscape blank, so the chickens are near the bottom.
Add the sentiment on to the Design Space and edit with the Life's A Party font.
Cut out the font in Midnight vinyl.
Apply the sentiment on to the card blank above the chickens.

I have had this stamp set for a few years now and it is still one of my faves. The chicken stamps I chose match the personalities of my girls brilliantly.

Oh! The bickering that goes on at bedtime between them is like over excited kids that don't want to go to sleep when they know Santa is coming. Having said that, I love them to bits and wouldn't change a thing :o)

Thank you so much for popping by. TTFN!

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