Saturday, 17 October 2015

Scary Spell Jars - Cricut® Explore Air

Happy Saturday one and all!

Yes I'm back with another Halloween make. This time it is three jars filled with grisly items to make spells. We have Evil Eyeballs, Spooky Spiders and Fiendish Fingers.

Without further ado do...

The Cricut® images you need to make these jars are...

Spider #M4627F - Pot Pourri Basket
Bat Label #MA8FFC - Happy Hauntings
Web Label #MA8FCA - Happy Hauntings
Lettering - Happy Hauntings Spooky
Label #M41735 - Sophisticated

The materials needed are...

Cricut® Window Cling - Black, Orange, White
Cricut® Vinyl - Brights Sampler, Midnight, Berry
Polystyrene balls
Witches fingers (not real ones, they need them, plastic ones will do)
Ribbon - Halloween striped, black, orange
Card - black
3 x jars

Top Tip!!!!
Use a ball tool on the body of the spider, this will make the spider stand up.

I decided to use window cling on the jars as after Halloween you can just peel it off with no mess, store and keep until next year! You can then use the jars for something else.

I also used a red fine liner to add a blood shot effect to the eyeballs.

I hope you like my little spooky jars, thank you for visiting and I'll be back soon! TTFN! xx

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  1. Cute :)
    Maria V.

  2. Love these, they'll be great with a candle in it too.

    I really must get some vinyl to try something like this.


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