Saturday, 22 February 2014

Crafts Beautiful March 2014 - Part 1

Happy Saturday peeps!
It's a beautiful day here in Norfolk. Hope the weather is good where ever you are :o)
I have designs in Crafts Beautiful every month, but I never seem to get round to giving you a sneaky peek. So now I am.
At the moment I am doing the 'Master Class' section where each month I show you how to do a paper crafting technique. This month it's tea-bag folding; as usual I've put my own quirky take on it.
Here goes...

The Master Class section is great as it takes you through the technique with six hand shot stages (by the way, lovely as they are, they're not my hands).
I'm having great fun doing these classes as it's introducing me to new ways of crafting that I've never really been interested in. I have surprised myself in that I've enjoyed trying out these new techniques.

The March issue is out now, and for more crafting ideas, projects and inspiration, visit Crafts Beautiful (the Robot Moustache and the Love Monster projects on the site's homepage are actually my designs. They've made a boo-boo with the designer's name - oops!). You can subscribe to CB, or download it as an app or to your Kindle Fire.

I'm going to love you and leave you for the mo. I will be back soon with another project I have in this month's CB.

Until next time xxx

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  1. oh this is so good... congrats colette... hope i can lay my hands on that mag :)


  2. Thanks for letting us have a sneaky peep, your teabag folded card looks awesome.

  3. That's AWESOME! I have heard of this technique but have not tried it - yet! Have a good day!

  4. Wow!! Congratulations!!! Good for you!

  5. wow!! that's great!! and the design is soo beautiful!!
    Moxie Craftie


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