Sunday, 2 February 2014

January Candy Winner!

Good heevnin peepsicles!
I hope you have all had a fantastic weekend. The weather here is Norfolk has been beautiful, just like a Spring day. I won't get too excited though, 'cos it will soon change no doubt. The chickens seem to have enjoyed the nice weather, though Bren shot across the garden yesterday when a breeze blew up her fluffy pantaloons - ha har!
Before I get on to the winner of the January candy, I would like to say a big thank you for all the lovely comments, thoughts and wishes with regards to the loss of my Dad. It makes me smile that there are such wonderful caring people out there in the world. You definitely don't feel alone.
I would like to also say a huge and enormous hello to all my lovely new followers. It's great having you on board and I had a peep at all your lovely blogs. Ooh! You are a talented lot!
Right. On to the winner (I can feel the excitement). I have given everyone who left a comment a number and the winning number has been randomly picked by Random.Org. Below is the list of names and a snapshot of the picked number....

  1. El
  2. Ardilla
  3. Joola
  4. Meredith
  5. Robin
  6. Rebecca
  7. UT
  8. Roudi
  9. Divya
  10. Bhawana
  11. Iris
  12. Dawn
  13. Viola
  14. Neha
  15. Carmen
  16. Jaya
  17. Berina
  18. Hridya
  19. Jenn
  20. Olenkaja
  21. Leanne
  22. Glo
  23. Rupali
  24. Paperkate
  25. Justyna
  26. Kiranmayee
  27. Misiowa
  28. Divinity
  29. Tindaloo
  30. Ayushi
  31. Dzej nej
  32. Laila
  33. Agnes
  34. Jessie
  35. Art with Heart
  36. Ann Maria
  37. Suman
  38. Cebelica
The winning number is #6 - Rebecca! Congratulations! If you email me your postal address I will send your goodies to you.
For those who didn't win this time don't be too down hearted :o( I'll be posting February's candy very soon :oD
Take care all - until next time....xx

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