Sunday, 8 July 2018


Hello peeps!

I've had a very creative weekend illustrating designs for one of the magazines and have even had time to come up with what has to be the quickest Christmas card ever. I challenge any one not to smile at this one.

What you need...

Card stock: white, orange
Googly eyes
Computer and printer

What you do...

1 Create a 10cm x 14cm rectangle in Word and add a text box. Enter the Christmas phrase in your chosen font and move it to the bottom of the rectangle and print out.

2 Trim the rectangle and attach centrally to the front of a 10.5cm x 14.5cm top fold white blank.

3 Snip a small triangle in orange card and stick near the top of the blank with a couple of googly eyes and you're done!

How quick and simple was that? This is going to be such a cool (excuse the pun) card to make for last minute Christmas cards. 

The font is called Flower Child by Marty Bee and is a shareware font. You can download it from (click here to take you to the font page). There are also tons of free fonts to choose from. If you download any fonts and you sell your creations, make sure that it is for commercial use.

I'm going to say ta-ta for now, back to illustrating! Thank you for stopping by :o)

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